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Noise Abatement Request

Many Sunriver visitors like to enjoy the peace and beauty of the area while participating in outdoor activities. We wouldn't want someone to turn their birdie into a bogey, or have their favorite pony "Peaches" be distracted while on a trail ride, so we ask that all traffic stay west of the Deschutes River on the right downwind for 18, or the left for 36. On departing Rwy 36, turn to 320 degrees if possible for climb out along the river. Thank you for your consideration, and remember, "Fly Sunriver"!

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FAA Identifier: S21
Lat/Long: 43-52-34.8000N / 121-27-11.0000W
43-52.580000N / 121-27.183333W
Elevation: 4164 ft. / 1269.2 m (surveyed)
Variation: 18E (1985)
Time zone: UTC -8 (UTC -7 during Daylight Saving Time)
Airport use: Open to the public 24/7 Private ownership.
Sectional chart: KLAMATH FALLS
Control tower: NO
NOTAMs facility: MMV (NOTAM-D service available)
Pattern altitude: 5164 ft. MSL
Wind indicator: LIGTHTED
Lights: PCL Rwy 18/36 & VASI RY 18 - 5 clicks, 122.8
Beacon: Green / White (lighted land airport) Airport Communications
Sunriver Unicom: 122.8
SEA Center: 128.15
FSS MMV Radio: 122.3
WX AWOS BDN, 17 mi. ne: 134.425
BDN Unicom: 123.0
RDM ATIS: 119.025
RDM TowerTWR: 124.5

Nearby radio navigation aids and approaches
VOR radial/distance: DSD r178/23.5
Freq: 117.60
Var: 18E
VOR/DME Rwy 18 & RNAV GPS Rwy 18

Runway Information
Runway 18/36

Dimensions: 5455 x 75 ft. / 1663 x 23 m
Surface: asphalt, in good condition
Weight bearing capacity: Single wheel: 30.0
Runway edge lights: low intensity

Runway 18
Latitude: 43-53.010867N
Longitude: 121-27.012812W
Traffic pattern: right
Runway heading: 178 magnetic, 196 true
Displaced threshold: 988 ft.
Markings: nonprecision, in good condition
Visual slope indicator: 2-box VASI on left (3.50 degrees glide path)
Touchdown point: yes, no lights
Obstructions: 20 ft. tree, 570 ft. from runway, 18:1 slope to clear +4 FT FENCE 115 FT FM RY END ON CNTRLN.

Runway 36
Latitude: 43-52.147657N
Longitude: 121-27.352982W
Traffic pattern: left
Runway heading: 358 magnetic, 016 true
Displaced threshold: no
Markings: basic, in good condition
Visual slope indicator:
Touchdown point: yes, no lights
Obstructions: 70 ft. trees, 2000 ft. from runway, 150 ft. left of centerline, 25:1 slope to clear


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