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Team Building

Memorable and Exciting Experiences for Your Team or Group

With Sunriver Resort's diversity, professional staff, and vast Northwest beauty, there is nothing stopping you from providing your group with a memorable and exciting experience. No matter what the season, we will work with you to provide a program that best suits your group. Bring on the fun!

Some of our unique group programs include:

Photo Scavenger Hunt

This very popular activity is the perfect combination of teamwork, brainpower and scenic pedaling! Each team is given bikes, and a set of clues. Bring your smart phone to take photos with. Some clues require reaching specific destinations; others might require picking up specific items; while others encourage team creativity to achieve. Success can be judged on time of completion, but we recommend waiting for the photo results to determine each team’s true success!

Great Corporate Race

From the minute teams are selected, team members must rely on each other to achieve success. Each team will participate in a series of events and activities that have an attached point value for success. In addition, each activity also has a specific number of team members who must be present to participate, and penalties will be assessed for not completing the task properly or failure to follow rules. Which team will complete the race on time and achieve the highest score?

Putting Course

Sunriver Resort has a nine-hole putting course with beautiful open meadows and Mt. Bachelor as its backdrop. This activity is perfect for a dinner, a welcome reception, or a simple hors d'oeuvres function. This is an ideal outdoor event with fun competition, spectacular food, and buckets of beer or beverages of your choice.

Glow-Ball Putting Tournament

Who said you had to stop golfing when night rolls around? In Sunriver when the sun goes down, we light up our nine-hole natural-grass putting course and play some more! We can arrange tournament-style play, or you can just play for fun.

Adventure Race

Compete in a head-to-head competition testing each team’s directional skills. Geared with a compass and clues, each team will navigate our orienteering course to reach their destination at the river. At the riverbank, teams will get in canoes and navigate them down a flat-water section of the wild and scenic Deschutes River. This timed event will encourage teamwork, brainpower and physical brawn.

Sunriver Resort Regatta

If you are seeking an event that focuses on teamwork and communication, then this boat-building program is the event for you. The group will be divided into a number of teams. Each team will be responsible for constructing and floating a boat. (Limited materials supplied.) This program is a unique group dynamics event, but can also be just for fun. You can only hope your boat floats!

Build-a-Bike Donations Challenge

We have created an event any team will love. This fast-paced, high-energy Bike Build program is sure to challenge any team while also warming their hearts. Our Bike Build Donation is a charitable team-building program. Teams will utilize the tools of organization, delegation, communication; and some mechanical skills; to build their bikes. After the bikes have been built, our bike mechanic will inspect them so the leads of your teams can race them on a cone Obstacle Course set up nearby. At the conclusion of the program, your group can present these beautiful, finished bicycles to a local charity representative from the Boys and Girls Club who will address your group and thank you for your donation. Our Bike Build Donation will strengthen your team and touch their hearts; while putting smiles on faces

The Oregon Trail Challenge

Join us for an "Old West" Survivor Challenge. Sunriver is rich in history: Native Americans hunted this area with weapons crafted from the nearby obsidian flows, and Camp Abbott was built here to train troops during World War II. Your group will be divided into "troops" to compete in a series of challenges. Groups will be faced with events that require brainpower, teamwork, and some physical endurance. Events may involve orienteering, word scrambles, digging, canoe obstacle courses, and more.

Tin Cup Tournament

Professional golfers, beware: no putters allowed here. This interactive activity is for golfers and non-golfers alike. We provide a variety of crazy clubs that will be used at each hole. Teams will compete for the best score. Don't forget to bring your short game!

Scavenger Hunt

This activity combines teamwork, brainpower, and scenic pedaling around Sunriver. Each team is given bikes, a disposable camera, and a set of clues. Some clues involve reaching specific destinations or playing comical dress-up at a destination with the provided props; others encourage team creativity to achieve the goals. Success can be judged on time completion, but we recommend waiting for the photo results to determine the team's true success!

Wacky Olympics

Participate in zany events that are designed just for your group. Turkey bowling, buddy walker relay, mini-bike obstacle course, root beer chug, and egg toss are just a few of the events that will have your group rolling with laughter.

Viva La Mexico! Team Building Challenge 

This event includes lively teamwork in which your group will experience the sights, sounds and flavors of Mexico! In this exciting recipe contest, your teams will make their own brand of salsa and guacamole. Each team will have a designated table equipped with all the required utensils and will “shop our Mexican Marketplace” to select ingredients to make their recipes unique. After donning sombreros and selecting a captain, teams will create and prepare salsa, guacamole and margaritas, develop a team name, design a team logo and write a “chant” to market their creation - all within the allotted amount of time. Once the preparations are completed, the culinary team work capers will begin! Each team will perform their chant and present their creations to the judges. Aspects of the program may be modified depending on variables, including, but not limited to, venue restrictions, program length and group size.

Fun Run

With more than 30 miles of paved paths winding through golf courses and meadows and past the beautiful Deschutes River,
Sunriver is an optimal place for a morning Fun Run. You may choose between a 5-mile and 3-mile course or both for your
participants. Whether you’re walking or running, this event is a great way to greet the day. Race organization, race bibs, results
tracking and refreshments are just a few of the provided amenities. Please choose from the following 2 options:

Corporate Run:
Includes course set up, start/finish banner, staff for check in and waiver facilitation, timing system, bib numbers, race results,
refreshments and 1st, 2nd and 3rd winning ribbons.

Family Fun Run:
Non-timed, start finish banner, race course set up only.

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