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Home designs for Caldera Springs reflect traditional western mountain architecture with expressions of timber and sloped roofs. There is not a specific architectural style that is required at Caldera Springs; rather there is a set of general design themes. Diversity in architectural character is achieved through use of quality natural materials, with complimentary color and forms that represent the heritage of architectural design and climate in Central Oregon and the inter-mountain west.

The goal is to capture the western inter-mountain character through design elements representative of the land and surrounding area. Important elements of the design philosophy include function, appropriateness, harmony, natural materials, site orientation, and simplicity in detail.

The character of the Caldera Springs home is established through the application of an American tradition found in the essence of the post and beam construction methodology. This form is expressed by the massing of a series of stepping forms; large timber roof frames supporting roofs; expansive covered porches and decks extending from the living areas. The buildings are recognized at a distance by large simple roof forms, often using gables and hips, siding placed in a horizontal pattern, and stone column bases, foundations and accents. The structures are a mixture of heavy timber details with natural colors and accents. Natural light is used to welcome and warm in a way that is refreshingly rugged and friendly.

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