Family Recreation

Unlimited Recreation Activities All Year Long

Sunriver Resort is a family friendly vacation resort in Oregon that has unlimited recreational activities all year long. Spring & Summer, and Fall & Winter activities ensure your next vacation will be packed with excitement. Sunriver Resort can offer one of the largest selections of outdoor activities in the country. From riding the rapids to flying high above the Cascades, things never slow down here.

For kids and teenagers, Fort Funnigan, Tweens and Teens and Vacation Creations provide a variety of fun activities fit for each age group.

Youth Programs

Whether it's a day of outdoor adventures, arts & crafts or superhero moves on the climbing wall, Sunriver Resort has created the perfect environment for children ages 3-10, which makes it the ideal choice for a family friendly vacation. Kids have the run of the Fort - and Resort - with a 3400 square-foot fenced play yard and programs that include field trips to the Stables, Marina, Fish Hatchery and Nature Center. And when the weather doesn't cooperate there are plenty of pursuits perfect for the great indoors, courtesy of our 42-inch flat-screen TV, DVD player system and open indoor play area.


Kid's Camp Rates

Resort Guests General Public
Full Day Program 9am-4pm $70 $75
Half Day Program 9am-12 or 12-4pm $50 $55
Evening Program 5pm-9pm includes Dinner 3-12yrs $55 $60
3 Day Super Saver pass Full Day program $160, Save $50 $185, Save $40
3 Day Super Save Pass Half Day Program $120, Save $30 $145, Save $20

What to Bring to Camp

  • Sack lunch: we will provide drinks and snacks but ask that you bring a personalized lunch for each child attending a full day program, staying with us at the Resort? Show us your guest ID card and we can provide a lunch for your child.
  • Appropriate Footwear: Please DO NOT send your child to camp in sandals. We play a lot of games that involve running and we also will go on various adventures that require active footwear.
  • Rainwear & Warm Clothing: Please dress your child appropriately or send extra clothing with your child in case of inclimate weather.
  • Sunscreen: We have some on hand too, but we ask you put it on your child prior to camp to help protect them from harmful UV rays.
  • Please check the day of the week and see if your child needs a booster seat or a swim suit

 *Reservations required for all camp programs. All camps have a 24hour cancelation policy, or full program fee will be charged. Please call our concierge at 541-593-4609 to reserve.

Fort Funnigan

3-7 year-olds: Tuesday-Saturday half day programs are 9-12pm, 1-4pm, and full day is 9-4pm

Looking for your 3-7yrs olds to get out and have some fun? Join us at Fort Funnigan for our kids camp offering half and whole day options. Our building comes equipped with a mini rock wall and has a 3,400-square-foot fenced playground with activities specifically structured with themed days for kid's ages 3, to 7. Kids will participate in crafts, games, and onsite field trips.  *Please note children who attend Fort Funnigan camp MUST be bathroom independent.

  • Tuesday: Sunriver Superhero
    Get ready for an adventure of heroic proportions while learning to be a Sunriver Superhero! Our Fort Funnigan heroes get strong and mighty in our super hero strength training, and build super-smarts exploring super power science experiments. Campers design their own super-logos, masks, and more to create the perfect superhero secret identity. Non-stop, action-packed fun for all! (Children are welcome to dress in their favorite Superhero costumes!)
  • Wednesday: Wild Wild West
    Saddle up and come down the dusty trail to Join Fort Funnigan for a day filled all things Wild West! We'll celebrate the Old West through stories, crafts, Western games and wild fun. Our afternoon field trip will be to the Sunriver Stables for a pony rides! Booster Seat required.
  • Thursday: Jr. Naturalist
    Get your hands and boots dirty when you join us for a day exploring our Sunriver surroundings. Search for animal tracks, (make our own) identify bugs and watch for birds of prey and create our own naturalist take home kit. Everyone will learn something new by the end of the day. A field trip to the Sunriver Nature Center will make for even more fun and close up sightings of our native animals. Booster Seats Required.
  • Friday: Spikes Sports Spectacular  
    Experience an exciting and energizing day of playing all-time favorite games including mini soccer, backyard bowling and balloon volley ball just to name a few. Many new sports and games will be presented and enjoyed during this day. Sportsmanship skills and team spirit will create an atmosphere of non-stop fun!
  • Saturday: Pirates of the High Desert
    Arrggg Mateys! Spike needs your help finding the treasure hidden somewhere in Sunriver Resort before the other pirates! We'll spend the day floating along from ships to shores and racing on peg legs. All mateys will be fitted with eye patches, spyglasses and shoulder parrots before roughing the high seas of our backyard water games!

B.A.S.E. Camp

(Beyond Awesome Sunriver Explorers) Tuesday-Saturday:  ages 8-12 1pm-4pm

Looking for something for ages 8-12, you found the perfect Sunriver half-day camp. This new adventure is filled with themed days; adventurous activities with an off property element such as biking, tennis, golf, swimming, ropes, nature hikes just to name a few. Our goal is simple; keep our base campers happy, safe and active. That goal is easily met with the recreational hub we call Sunriver Oregon along with our skilled and talented recreation leaders who will make sure your child's vacation one that is truly unforgettable.

  • Tuesday: Home B.A.S.E
    Join us as we take a step back into Sunriver History of Camp Abbot during WWII. You will not want to skip this day of ultimate camp Abbot challenges! We will be earning rankings (prizes) throughout the day with awesome obstacle courses, outrageous races and sharp shooting skills with target practice are just a few of the things that will challenge the body and mind of our campers.
  • Wednesday: Summer Swing and Serve
    Come get into the Swing of summer as we serve you up a half-day of golf and tennis lessons. We will spend the first part of the afternoon learning golf basics like how to hold the club, putting, etiquette and playing SNAG golf. The second half will be learning the basic tennis strokes, rules, and doing some tennis drills with our Tennis Pro. This camp is a wonderful introduction to two of Sunriver Resorts favorite sports!
  • Thursday: Volcanic Ventures
    Join us as we explore the lava caves and lava lands and learn about times when lava flowed across the Sunriver area. Our staff will start the day off by exploring the lava lands volcanic monument to discover the area of Cinder Butte's eruption. After learning some elements to volcano's existence, we will then gear up with lanterns and explore the underground lava tubes of the lava caves. This is sure to be an exhilarating day for any Sunriver explorer.
  • Friday Mini Climbers
    Specifically created with kids ages 8-12 in mind this condensed version of our ropes course features an introduction to climbing gear and safety, two on the ground games and two off the ground elements that lead to our200' zip line. We operate this program on a challenge by choice basis so everyone feels comfortable. Join us in a half-day that is sure to be filled with fun and excitement!
  • Saturday: Water Works
    Here's your child's chance to explore the wild river that makes Sunriver Resort so special. During the afternoon this basic kayaking camp, we'll learn the history of the river, safety, a little navigation, forward and back stroking, and then we'll take our new knowledge of how water works and navigate ourselves to the Sunriver Marina for end of the day ice cream party. Pure bliss. Swimsuits Required.

Sunriver Teen Extreme

Tuesday-Friday ages 13-18, Tue-Fri 12pm-4pm, Sat 9pm-12am

Our teen program is designed with non-stop summer adventure in mind. We strive to provide opportunities for challenge, adventure and exploration in a safe, guided environment with our specialized staff.  Teen's need to come equipped with good tennis shoes, comfortable clothing with layers for varied locations, water and of course a camera to capture memories we will be making that will last a lifetime.

  • Tuesday: Teen vs. Wild
    Do you think you have what it takes to survive? This program offers your teen a chance to challenge their knowledge about the outdoors in Oregon while also taking in the breathtaking experience by exploring the wilderness of Sunriver and beyond. This program will include a making a small survival kit, testing skills and knowledge with trained survival staff, moderate hike usually followed by swimming in a beautiful, but accessible location. Participants require no experience but because of the wilderness environment, they need to be prepared to learn new skills and overcome obstacles with their peers. This is an adventure that will last a lifetime.
  • Wednesday: Tumalo Falls
    Your teen will fall in love with Oregon after this scenic hike. With a 1-mile hike to breathtaking Double Falls, Tumalo Creek is a great place to swim in cold water with an environment that has everything from Wildflowers, grouse berries, and Mountain Hemlock your teen will end the day right at the base of Tumalo Falls before we take our journey back to Sunriver. Swimsuits Required.
  • Thursday: Rocking Adventure: Smith Rock
    There is no better sight or hike than Smith Rocks (ask any local and they will tell you its true!). Your teen will feel a sense of accomplishment along with seeing one of the seven wonders of Oregon. With a short drive we will take the teens to learn about the natural formation of the site, rock climbing basics and why it's a rock climbers paradise and when we are done with our hike we will even get a famous Smith Rock milkshake because well, we are on vacation and we deserve it.
  • Friday: Mt. Biking Basics
    Join us on a day of camp that focuses on the skills needed for trail riding. Riders are equipped with our Bike Barn mountain bikes, helmets and day bags. We will spend the afternoon learning the importance of balance, reading trail maps, proper riding position and technique. After we feel comfortable with our skills we will take the teens to ride on some of our favorite trails with a few sweet jumps, after all this we will rest our legs while eating some S'more's.
  • Saturday: Teen's Night Out 9pm-12am (late night Dinner included) 
    Teen Night Out is a great way for teens to meet other teens staying at the resort while also getting out and having some fun! Join other teens as we go into Bend for a night of music videos, black lights, pizza, bowling and friendly competition. Prizes will be awarded to top scores of the night! Staff will transport, accompany and play with the group during this fun evening out. Trust us, your teen does not want to miss out on this energetic night! 4 teen minimum for program to run.

Kids Night Out!

Tuesday-Saturday, 5pm to 9pm with dinner included combined ages of 3-12yrs

Fort Funnigan and BASE camp Kids always have a place to go at Sunriver Resort, even during the evening! Whether its arts and crafts, outdoor adventures or just "monkeying around" on the indoor bouldering wall, Sunriver Resort has created the perfect evening programs for children ages 3-12.

  • Tuesday:  Secret Agent Training
    It's a night of top-secret fun! Become a super sleuth as we disguise ourselves and hunt for suspicious activity at the Resort. Crack codes and snoop around to become a real Secret Agent.
  • Wednesday: Keep the Party Glowing
    Dance under the stars at our Camp Glow Party! Lights, glow bubbles and music will start the party off right! Then we will take the party outdoors to play our favorite glow games, find the constellations in the sky and create a glow souvenir to remember this night forever.
  • Thursday: Sunriver Myth Busters
    Are you ready to challenge popular beliefs, myths and the laws of physics? Sunriver Campers work together to become true myth busters as they conduct fun experiments to answer all kinds of cool questions. Can water power a rocket? How do soap bubbles float? Why do curve balls curve? Can we use air to launch marshmallows? How do voices travel on a string? Don't miss this experiment-filled, hands-on night of fun!
  • Friday: Mini Master Chef  
    Wear a chef's hat and create your own apron, add a little sugar and spice and voila! A Sunriver Resort mini Chef is born! This food exploration offers a hands-on-experience kneading, whisking, mixing, rolling, and measuring. Everyone will enjoy this evening with tasty surprises as we create a Sunriver signature pizza along with a molten chocolate cake. Your child will cook up a recipe, admire the finished product and then comes the best part! Savor your delicious creation!
  • Saturday: Pajama Rama  
    Join Fort Funnigan for an evening full of fun, laughs and pajamas. Come join our staff dressed in your PJ's while we have a night of sundaes, sleeping bag races, games and even build your own animal to take home and have sleepovers with forever. (Note: Build-A-Bear is a $25 additional charge).

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